Strategy and operations advisory

Strategy and operations advisory services

  1. Strategy consulting
  2. Operations advisory
  3. Business planning, financial management and controlling
  4. People and change management
  5. Market research and positioning
  6. Turnaround management

» Strategy consulting

A key first step to assessing the need for change in a business is the definition of strategy.

We could:

  • Define strategic decision-making framework and methodology.
  • Assess current strategic vision, a benchmark to best practice and propose improvements.
  • Define criteria for strategic decision or changes thereto.

We would then review the business from a strategic perspective.

We could:

  • Review the business model, the different business lines and activities, performance and competition.
  • Support for detailed forward-looking analysis of identified opportunities.
  • Develop a strategic business concept.

» Operations advisory

Processes are a key source of value. Their correct formulation and implementation, and their smooth functioning would allow maximum value extraction.

We could:

  • Review the process architecture and (production) capacity, internal procedures, accounting, recording and reporting formats, contracts, know-how and organization
  • Identify areas of value and KPI’s
  • Develop marketing approach and pricing models
  • Develop financial models and scenarios
  • Review accounting and reporting policies, processes and systems
  • Assess investment plans

Process restructuring could allow you to make better use of resources.

We could:

  • Identify areas of potential improvement and recommend an action plan
  • Outline key success factors and risks related to the implementation of the selected strategy, as well as propose risk mitigation measures
  • Support you in implementation by leveraging our resources as well as providing project management, oversight and periodic reporting

» Business planning, financial management and controlling

Having a plan and following through require skills, focus and commitment.

We could:

  • Support you in identifying key value drivers, structuring revenue and cost centres, and measuring KPIs
  • Support you in the development of sales, cost, investment and R&D plans and KPI tracking tools
  • Develop an integrated cash flow model aligned to your reporting system, as well as plan-to-actual tracking tools
  • Develop a formal business plan and report document

Not all businesses need – or can afford – a full-time financial manager. However, all businesses can benefit from the value of strict financial management, reporting and controlling procedures.

We could:

  • Develop or enhance the financial reporting framework, plan-to-actual and KPI tracking tools
  • Lead and support your financial personnel in extracting, analyzing and reporting financial information as well as preparing primary, ad-hoc and periodic financial documents
  • Act as Interim CFO or Financial Manager for your business
  • Develop the CFO or Financial Manager job description and assist in selecting

Cash generation, preservation and allocation is key to value and return.

We could:

  • Review the capital structure, cash positions, commercial and other business relations and contracts
  • Identify and analyze opportunities for improvement, overcoming of challenges or disproportionalities
  • Develop a plan of all measures, instruments and activities necessary in order to achieve a sustainable capital structure and cash position
  • Support in implementation of the necessary measures

» People and change management

A change in vision and strategy sometimes requires a rethink of structure and responsibilities.

We could:

  • Design the organisation structure and define the functional matrix (responsibilities of the units/positions)
  • Develop job descriptions for each position in the organisation
  • Assess key personnel in line with adopted strategy, structure and job descriptions

Sometimes, change requires a change in people within the structure.

We could:

  • Design the organisation structure and define the functional matrix (responsibilities of the units/positions)
  • Develop job descriptions for each position in the organisation
  • Assess key personnel in line with adopted strategy, structure and job descriptions

» Market research and positioning

Deeper market knowledge allows for more profitable positioning. Whether it is new products you would like to introduce or existing products that are not performing, you may want to have a second – or a first – opinion on where you stand.

We could:

  • Summarise current regulations relevant to your product or service
  • Research and identify customers or opportunities for existing and future products or services
  • Summarise competition and complementary offerings
  • Assess market size

Getting to market – better, faster or more profitably – may require a change in strategy.

We could:

  • Develop a “Going to market” strategy
  • Establish a pricing concept or framework
  • Develop a sales and margins forecast
  • Develop a business plan and financial model
  • Identify key opportunities, risks and risk mitigation measures

» Turnaround Management 

We help lenders and borrowers optimize the results of underperforming businesses and guide businesses in distress back to sustainability.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Financial and operating restructuring
  • Distressed M&A
  • Independent business diagnostics
  • NPL transactions

We work with companies at all stages of corporate decline – from emerging problems and worsening and acute problems, to potential and actual insolvency.