Investment Loans

The investment loan is a long-term loan used to finance investment needs – purchasing of long-term assets with direct application in creditee activity – new construction, reconstruction and acquisition of real estate for business needs, purchasing of machinery and equipment, purchasing of vehicles, purchasing of computer hardware and software, licenses, re-finance of credit with similar parameters.

The collateral can take the form of:

  • Blocked cash resources
  • Treasury Securities
  • Corporate securities
  • Mutual funds
  • Property Mortgage
  • Ship Mortgage
  • Long-term material assets
  • Short-term material assets
  • Equity shares in companies
  • Entire companies
  • Precious stones and precious metals
  • Additional collateral – receipts, future agricultural production, promissory note, warranty, insurance.

Note: A collateral insurance issued by an insurance company that partners with the bank are required in all cases.